“…For it has no virtue that we know of, save perhaps to sweeten a fouled air, or to drive away some passing heaviness.”


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The eleven-hour trip yesterday, listening to lectures on Medieval Philosophy this time.  We got up to Anselm and his Proslogion.    The topic is Reason and Faith, so very interesting.   We turned it off eventually near Sacramento to listen to the news about Christopher Dorner and then the President’s state of the union address, and the response by Marco Rubio.

Today it is warm and clear.   We nursed Oregon colds and I picked back up on Fellowship of the Ring; we are up to Lothlorien, which is perfect for February.   Then I read a little of Francis and Clare.

Then we played Scramble together (it’s an Android app where you try to find words in a 4X4 letter display screen — kind of like Boggle).    Then Paddy practiced the piano.

This evening was the Ash Wednesday service at the local chapel.  We all have black crosses on our brows now.    A little extra penance is always added to Lent for us by the singing of Ashes, which we alternately call the Phoenix song (because we describe ourselves as rising from ashes) or the Hymn of the Semi-Pelagian (because we purport to “create ourselves anew”).    Not to mention the horrid offering of “gifts not fully given, dreams not fully dreamt”.  Whatever that means.     I think self-flagellation would be preferable to having that song running through my head again.

Kevin bought Kinect for the XBox after we played with it at our friends’ house in Oregon.   So the guys got a little exercise dancing today.

I think I’ve learned that when we go on the road, I need to have lesson plans WRITTEN DOWN.    Homeschool didn’t really happen at all in Oregon.     Oh well, it is February, and we usually seem to drag a little that month anyway.   At least it was easy to start back up when we returned.

Aidan wants me to put captions on some new pictures in his notebook so I had better close this off now.

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